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gwine | Kisi 2013
gwine | Kisi 2013
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Kisi 2013

Dry white
Grape origin:
Chikaani village, Kakheti
Best served at:
10 -12˚C
1000 bottles

This exclusive wine was produced in limited quantities from the grapes of an old local variety Kisi, grown and handpicked in a single vineyard located in Chikaani village (famous wine region of Kakheti in Georgia). Wine has aromas and taste distinct to this noble variety, a light golden color and medium body. Supported by a subtle touch of oak, the tones of peach and mango stand out, with ripe pear dominating the palate. To fully appreciate the depth of this unique and very fragrant wine, we recommend to taste it without any paring. Simply serve it at 10-12˚C.